Las Lajas

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  • Farmers:Oscar and Francisca Chacon 
  • Farm: Finca Sabanilla 
  • Country of Origin: Costa Rica 
  • Region:Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley 
  • Variety:Villa Sarchi 
  • Process:Natural 
  • Altitude:1450 masl 
  • Tasting Notes:Citrus, Watermelon, Mulberry 

Flavor Factoid- Costa Rica has some of the most innovative processing methods of any origin. At Finca Sabinilla, Oscar and Francisca Chacon have implemented a new way of harvesting ripe cherry. Using a refractometer, a tool which measures particle density with light, the growers can harvest cherry at the perfect ripeness. They then process their beans using either natural or honey process, both of which capture the sugars of the fruit for a velvety, full body.

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