Rare, heirloom, and extremely limited supply

As we travel the world looking for tasty coffees, sometimes we find lots so small we can't sell them in our cafes. So we are launching our monthly subscription service with a trio of limited quantity microlot coffees from Colombia. These coffees are an exploration of heirloom coffee varieties and new processing methods. The coffee will be delivered to you in quantities of 1 or 3 12oz. bags.

This month we have an heirloom geisha, a pink bourbon and a bourbon black honey process. The geisha is a bean originally taken from Ethiopia to Costa Rica and has thrived there and in Panama. It is a recent transplant to Colombia and is branded almost like a San Marzano tomato. People seek out this coffee when it is available. Normally, it is off the charts expensive but we have connections. What can I say?

The geisha is from a farm in a little town called Pitalito where the farm of our famous friend Elkin Guzman is located. Elkin took a bourbon and did a black honey process instead of the normal washing. Elkin is rigorous in his selection of only ripe cherries and further sorts for quality once the coffee is brought in from the field. He has a team of friends who do the picking and they are an amazing team. The coffee once picked is run through a depulper only removing the skin and left to dry on raised beds with plenty of airflow above and below the coffee. It is stirred infrequently letting it turn a shade of black with sun exposure. The honey process creates a unique sweet flavor profile that we love. The pink bourbon is a coffee which is a hybrid of yellow and red bourbons growing naturally in the field.

Trying to cultivate this pink version separately is a notoriously tricky task and why it is only produced in microscopic quantities.

This first box is definitely special and something you are not going to want to miss."

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