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Direct From Our Farmers To Your Cup

Business is based on relationships. It doesn’t matter so much what one produces as the relationships one cultivates. At The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, we cultivate relationships with coffee farmers in the same way they cultivate the beans we roast. We collaborate on the agronomy of coffee. From seed to cup, each step in the production of coffee is critical to its final result. Cultivating relationships takes time and our approach is deliberate.

Each year we revisit farmers from whom we buy coffee. They are the bedrock of our business. We work with the farmers directly exchanging ideas, observing the health of the coffee trees and the soil, and developing strategies to improve results and serve our customers' needs. What we enjoy most is spending time with the farmers, walking the fields, breaking bread, and even playing a little football (soccer) after cupping the fruits of their labor. As we spend more time with coffee farmers in the growing regions, we meet new farmers and our relationships blossom as our business grows, bringing greater prosperity to their families.

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