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  • Farm:Various Landholders of Asemprogrope 
  • Farmer:Various Landholders 
  • Country of Origin:Colombia 
  • Region:Planadas, Tolima 
  • Variety:Castillo, Caturra, Colombia 
  • Process:Washed, Mountain Water Process Decaffeinated 
  • Altitude:1600-2000 masl 
  • Tasting Notes:Nutty, Fruity, Creamy 

Flavor Factoid- Caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical in coffee. It is the plant’s organic insecticide. It deters most pests that coffee cherry might be vulnerable to. Taking it out is a process which was only refined in recent decades. In the late eighties and early nineties, the Mountain Water Process emerged. The process uses non-petroleum based solutions such as sugar cane solution to extract the caffeine from coffee beans via osmosis. What we are left with is a perfectly preserved coffee bean without the extra buzz.

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