Sumatra Organic

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  • Farm:Various Smallholder Members of Item Reje Gayo 
  • Farmer:Various Smallholders 
  • Country of Origin:Sumatra 
  • Region:Nangroe Aceh Darussalam 
  • Variety:Bourbon, Typica, Catimor 
  • Process:Wet Hulled 
  • Altitude:1200-1600 
  • Tasting Notes:Citrus, Sweet Peppers, Floral 

Flavor Factoid-Reje Gayo is composed of many landholders, each producing a relatively small amount of coffee as well as other crops including cinnamon and bananas. In order to expedite the sale of green coffee, farmers in this region have adopted the wet-hulling method. This processing method is similar to washed-processing or wet-processing, except the beans are hulled free from the parchment before they have been fully dried. The result is a fuller-body and lower acidity.

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