Autumn Mornings Have Arrived

Autumn Mornings may be the most seasonal of our seasonal blends yet.  After all, it’s the time of year people seem to enjoy the most... Back to school, football season, sweater weather, cider mills and leaf jumping.  Autumn mornings is our reflection on both the changing of seasons and the bounty of the harvest created by the heat of the summer, swiftly fading into cool, autumn mornings.   

The release of this coffee also coincides with the arrival of our Ethiopian coffees from the most recent harvest.  These coffees arrive with vibrant flavors and aromas, very much alive and at the peak of freshness like a vine-ripened heirloom tomato.  The beans grown in Ethiopia are typically a field blend of heirloom varieties. Each bean adds to the uniqueness of the overall coffee flavor (the coffee bean is the reproductive seed of a fruit).  

Natural process Ethiopia coffees tend to be intensely fruity, like homemade jam simmering down on the stovetop to concentrate.  Washed Ethiopia coffees lean more towards freshly cut fruit mixed together in a salad with fresh garden herbs.  

We blend natural and washed coffees for Autumn Mornings to create a harmonious balance just like the warm days and cool, autumn mornings of the season.  

Experience some Autumn Mornings this fall or try the roaster’s choice coffee of the month three-pack which features a Natural Ethiopia, Washed Ethiopia and Autumn Morning blend. 


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