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The days grow longer. The sun grows brighter. Seedlings grow indoors waiting for warming garden soil. This is Spring. Spring for coffee roasters means new crop coffees. We just returned from Kenya and tasted the new season of fresh, bright and floral coffees. They will arrive in June.  In the meanwhile, we have put together a blend of two washed coffees which are from new crops in Guatemala and Ethiopia. There's something truly awakening about these new crop coffees. They revive your palate from its slumbering wintertime repose. They brighten and warm your body. They give you energy like the Sun does. Guatemalan coffee is typically quite bright and full of chocolatey and tropical fruit notes. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and its flavors are truly unique. Tons of florals and fruit like jasmine and fresh watermelon. Clean out your coffee cupboard and resupply it with a bag of our Spring Training Blend. Whether you are on team Chemex or Aeropress or Latte Love, it will be a home run.

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