Heading to the Amaca Women’s Co-op


While gathering further information on our upcoming Colombia trip, I asked what kinds of coffees we’ll be tasting. The voice on the other end purred with excitement, “All new.

Great Lakes Coffee and Cafe Imports are traveling this week to the Amaca Co-op in Cauca, Colombia. These growers are part of ASMUCAFE, which stands for Asoción de Mujeres Agropecuarias de Uribe, the title referring to an organization of women farmers and land owners in El Tambo. While this grower-buyer connection is well established, the trip is an opportunity to deepen the relationship between ourselves and this western-Colombian women’s Cooperative. We’ll be spending time getting to know the farmers as well as cupping their newest coffees.

Colombian coffees are a standby in third wave. They are known for being citrus forward, though the variety of regions supports a wide array of flavor profiles including caramel and cocoa. This particular co-op uses what they call a double-fermentation process. Fermentation is a common practice, imbuing the coffee with a deeper and at times savory quality. Their coffee ferments in the cherry for a 14-hour period before then being depulped and fermented again in an open tank for ten hours.

Follow us for farm photos, a slice of co-op life, and coffee geekery! Whether lemon or orange, caramel or chocolate, what these women are growing is sure to be pure joy in a cup. ¡Buen provecho!

Emma Marks | Education and Cultural Advancement at Great Lakes Coffee

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