Winter Seasonal Release


As fall turns to frost, we begin to crave comfort. We linger over meals for longer, stay indoors, and create cozy rituals instead of road trips. Our coffee this season reflects the simplicity and comfort of winter. Sink into hibernation with our newly released Wintersleep from northern Peru. This coffee has a beautiful balance of citrus, herbal, and chocolate notes. Especially look for hints of tarragon. It is sure to stand up well after a flavorful meal, taking milk and cream without compromising much dynamism. 

It has been historically difficult for Peru to compete with other specialty coffee producing countries. Quality of specialty coffee is often linked to how precisely an origin can be traced, and Peru has comparably low traceability. This is due to its high altitudes and remote growing regions. The lack of support from government agencies has inspired attention from private companies and co-ops. These organizations support and develop growing regions all over the country. Private and democratic co-ops tend to opt for more certifications. Peru now has a remarkably high percentage of certified specialty coffee for this reason. Thus, our Wintersleep offering is both organic and fair-trade certified.  

This increased attention to growing habits is making Peruvian coffee better every year, so we’ve selected a delicious spring harvest from Peru as our seasonal offering. Even though it’s summer in South America, it’s winter in the Great Lakes state. Don your wool socks and flannel shirts, and drift into Wintersleep. 


Yule Brew

The holiday season is upon us. Ring in the smells and tastes of tradition. Cranberry, cinnamon, and cocoa sparkle in this year’s Yule Brew selection. This El Salvadorian offering hails from Chulatenango. Rich volcanic soil and sweet honey processing gives this microlot its distinct profile. Red fruit and baking spices dance on the tongue, inspiring the holiday spirit with your first sip.

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