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Costa Rica Coffee Send Back

Giving back to community. As business owners we typically define this as doing something to reinforce relationships on a local level. Coffee is a widely traded commodity where community is defined in a wider way as well. For the last 3 years we have been travelling to Costa Rica where we have developed some wonderful relationships with coffee farmers. You may have become familiar with the names of these farms if you’ve been to our cafes: Las Lajas, Perla del Café, Aguilera Bros., Don Sabino and Jhonnathon Camacho.

As we visit these farms, we always spend time socializing with the farmers, their children, the people who pick the coffee who are often from the community. We share meals, coffee, beer and occasionally something stronger.

One thing is clear during these interchanges, especially when you drink coffee at the farm: the farmers are better at farming and we, as roasters, are better at roasting. Our friends and Café Imports this year unveiled the “coffee send back” program where roasters who bought coffee from these farms send the coffee back for the farmers to drink. Although we didn’t attend the end of harvest party where the coffees were given back to the farmers, we could not be more excited to share the pictures with you. Returning the finished coffee to the farmers who grew it is another example of giving back to community.

We are truly blessed to be able to share these coffees with our local community. As we celebrate the five year anniversary of our Midtown location, we would like to thank the farmers, Café Imports and our customers for making what we do so much fun.


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